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January 2019

Top 3 guys tattoo designs

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Men these days are in love with tattoos. Celebs like Ami James, Wiz Khalifa has made these tattoo designs even more popular around the world. Men love Gucci mane tattoos and his unique ideas. Now, tattoo ideas have replaced the piercings craze among men. Several tattoo designs were in headlines of the leading fashion magazines across 2011. Some tattoo artists are performing dermal piercing for drawing...

Top 3 plastic surgery procedures for men

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Number of men seeking plastic surgery to boost their looks has increased a lot in these few years. Even in 90’s cosmetic surgery was only a matter of interest for women. However, in 2011 some specific procedures was on the rise and the cosmetic surgery organization is expecting the number to grow even more in coming years. From 2000 to 2005, the cosmetic organization USA has recorded a consistent...

Top 3 beauty Schools

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Cosmetology has become a popular field for education around the globe. The programs in a beauty school lead to a certification of cosmetology and related services. Hair styling, cutting & coloring, manicure, pedicure, nail tech, skin treatments and salon managements are subject of expertise, a student can avail. Among thousands of beauty schools around, Palm Beach State College in Lake Forth, Florida,...

Top 3 nail designs in 2012

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Nail art is now a very popular fashion trend among people. Thousands of girls simply go crazy hearing off opi nail polish and brand nail art products available around. 2012 was a year for exhilarating development in the field of nails makeup and nail art. According to Sally Hansen, the internationally accredited nail designs expert, nail polish is one of the most important make up equip. As a boy loves...

Top 3 chest workouts for males

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The weight lifters start their training through two exercises, Bench presses and Curls. Among young adult men chest or, pectorals (pecs) are the second most important exposures that stands only after biceps. And for the women around, maintaining a well built chest is even more important as it presents as one of their chief features. Their toned chests are important to maintain the desirable perky appearance...

Top 3 tanning salon procedures in 2012

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Tanning has been a popular issue in 2011 and definitely going to be as popular as it supposed to be in 2012. Usually UV tanning and sunless tanning are most popular practices in the top tanning salons around. Palm Beach Tan has turned out to be the leader among the tanning and day spa enterprises. According to their spa and massage expert, you need to use an indoor tanning lotion for any tanning type...

Top 3 weight loss programs online

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Overweight being a major problem has already given rise to many new ideas, methods and concepts to fight with it. Maintaining an optimal weight is always encouraging and it helps a lot to prevent diseases associated with overweight. In these recent few years, we have observed some very popular lose weight program roll in. People who have learned the secrets of healthful diet are promoting these helpful...

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