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February 2019 - Sephora

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Sells name brand and designer cosmetics and fragrances. From the site: Sephora is the leading retail beauty chain in Europe. ... Discover more about our company, our innovative stores, and learn more about Sephora's business, including, Sephora USA, and our parent company, LVMH. If you are looking for a Sephora store near you, take a look at our store locator and our new store openings...

Top 3 modeling qualities you must have

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A preteen or even the established models often make mistake that can easily end their career with a devastating failure. Here, we’ll talk about the don’t do’s in modeling anyway and ever. I often have seen some common modeling mishaps happen regularly in the world of fashion and modeling. If you keep your eyes on fashion week 2012, you’ll find the top models making silly mistakes. Here I’ll...

Top 3 Ways You Can Find Out More About Fashion Model, Brooklyn Decker

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A fashion model often leads a very public life. People are fascinated with models and the activities that they pursue and the more popular they get the more people want to know about them. Brooklyn Decker is a good example of that. This beautiful fashion model has had an interesting life and by letting people know more about her she is able to connect with her fans. When you learn more about your...

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