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We love tattoos, embrace self expression and encourage individualism, which we constantly demonstrate through our efforts and our tagline "Conceal Your Image, Not Your Identity®". As tattoo enthusiasts ourselves we hope not to impel tattoo cover up but instead support those who choose to or feel pressure to cover a tattoo. - Beauty Tips

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You may be wondering what the best skin product is to use? Or what makes a natural cosmetic...well, natural? How do I create smokey eyes? Or perhaps you're dying to know how you should style your hair this weekend? You've come to the right place for a plethora of beauty tips and advice, designed to help you look and feel the best that you can. - Total Beauty

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Features beauty product reviews, expert beauty advice, and how-to videos. Lot of beauty products there... - Become Gorgeous

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Online beauty magazine with makeup tips and advice for woman. Includes online makeover tool and celebrity hairstyles techniques. - Make Up Alley

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A hip beauty community and social network featuring interactive member generated content including beauty product reviews, message boards, shopping diaries and much more.

Top 3 beauty Schools

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Cosmetology has become a popular field for education around the globe. The programs in a beauty school lead to a certification of cosmetology and related services. Hair styling, cutting & coloring, manicure, pedicure, nail tech, skin treatments and salon managements are subject of expertise, a student can avail. Among thousands of beauty schools around, Palm Beach State College in Lake Forth, Florida,...

Top 3 Paul Mitchell Beauty Packages to Give as Gifts

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Paul Mitchell is one of the top selling beauty and hair care suppliers in the world. Paul Mitchell products are only available in the best hair salons and they can’t be bought off the shelf like other beauty products. They are known for their high quality and Paul Mitchell users rarely by other beauty products and are very loyal. Beauty products make a great gift for women that care about their...

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