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February 2019 - Vanishing Tattoo

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Offers image galleries, meanings of popular tattoo designs and symbols, lists of celebrity tattoos, historical information and contests. Explores tribal tattooing in different cultures around the world. - Tattoo Design

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Studio directory, convention listings, FAQ, general piercing information, supplier list, book reviews, and an image gallery.

Top 3 guys tattoo designs

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Men these days are in love with tattoos. Celebs like Ami James, Wiz Khalifa has made these tattoo designs even more popular around the world. Men love Gucci mane tattoos and his unique ideas. Now, tattoo ideas have replaced the piercings craze among men. Several tattoo designs were in headlines of the leading fashion magazines across 2011. Some tattoo artists are performing dermal piercing for drawing...

Top 3 Tattoo Ideas for a Feather Tattoo

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When people are searching for tattoo ideas they take many things into consideration. They may consider where they want the tattoo on their body, what colors they want to use, or what they want it to symbolize. One of the popular symbols that people choose is the feather tattoo. A feather tattoo can stand for many things though and people choose this from the many tattoo ideas for many reasons. There...

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